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I promise to clean your home or office in an environmentally responsible manner to help restore and
preserve the health of your living or work space and our eco-system.
My eco-friendly cleaning solutions are completely free of toxins,
carcinogens or other harmful ingredients which have been proven to have
serious health effects on both humans and pets alike. 
In place of cotton I use micro-fiber cloths and mop pads to clean your
home which are more effective at removing dust, dirt, grease and germs.                                                        
Throughout your home I use a new mop pad in each room to prevent cross-
contamination of germs between rooms. 
(720) 495-4234
I also use high-rated HEPA filtration vacuums which remove allergens
from the floor and air throughout your home or work space. 
All of my cleaning services come with a complete satisfaction guarantee. 
Should you feel something was not cleaned to your expectations please
give me a call.  I’ll come out the next day to re-clean any area of concern.
I am licensed, fully insured and value your trust.  I vow to take extra care of  your home or office and
the security of your possessions.
Discover for yourself why Sparkling Green Home is Denver’s choice for eco-friendly green house and
office cleaning services.